July 25, 2024
3 Colors Believed To Bring Good Luck In Chinese Tradition

3 Colors Believed To Bring Good Luck In Chinese Tradition

Besides numbers, according to Chinese culture, colors can also bring good luck, and affect all aspects of life. However, not all colors symbolize good luck. Usually, the colors that bring good luck are often used in special celebrations, such as Chinese New Year.

Well, reported by Top China Travel, according to Feng Shui, there are three lucky colors that must be worn during Chinese New Year celebrations in this Year of the Water Tiger. Want to know what color?


Red is one of the colors inherent in Chinese culture. Almost every celebration of Chinese tradition, both Chinese New Year and red weddings always dominate. This is because, the red color symbolizes happiness, hope, luck, beauty, success, and vitality.

In Chinese New Year celebrations, the color red is believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits, as well as bad luck. Hence, Chinese New Year decorations and ornaments are always synonymous with red, even Chinese New Year clothing is dominated by this color.


Apart from red, you may also often find yellow gold in Chinese New Year celebrations. This color is one of the prestigious colors in Chinese history and culture. Gold color is known as the color of the emperor or yellow emperor because during the ancient empire, this color was only used by Chinese emperors.

In fact, as reported by China Highlights, throughout the Song dynasty, yellow was used to cover the entire floor of the palace. The meaning behind the yellow gold color is hope, prosperity, loyalty, wealth, and power.


In Chinese culture, the color green represents health, warna penarik rejeki, wealth, fertility and harmony. In addition, the green color also symbolizes cleanliness, so it is often used to describe organic or natural matters.

Even so, it is better to avoid giving gifts in the form of green hats to married men. Because this shows that the man has an unfaithful wife. Wow, be careful, Beauties, don’t give the wrong gift.

Beauties, are three colors that can bring good luck when worn during Chinese New Year celebrations in this year of the Water Tiger. On the other hand, white and black should be avoided because they symbolize mourning and death.

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