Top 10 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps For A Slimmer Body

Giving birth to a baby is the pride that every mom would love to have.

However, that pride might cause other problems such as back pain and excess belly fat.

The postpartum girdle can help you take back the rocky body that you used to have.

This article today will reveal the top ten best postpartum wraps to manage your back pain as well as get rid of excess fat.

You will also find a detailed answer to common questions you might ask about belly wraps.

Top 10 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps – Quick Comparison

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Reviews of the Best Postpartum Girdles

In this very first section, I will introduce you to the top ten belly wraps with their strong points and weaknesses. So it will be easier for you to choose the right one for you.


2 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap Waist/Pelvis...
  • ✅BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE MATERIAL - One set postpartum girdles meet...
  • ✅MULTIPURPOSE - Essentials for postpartum recovery helps get your...

Not only the ChongErfei wraps can help get your body back to its pre-pregnancy state, but it also works great in reducing swelling, supporting core abdominal muscles, and bring your uterus back to the original size. Wearing the wraps makes you look fitter instantly for additional confidence.

The ChongErfei wrap is the wrap for all types of postpartum moms in two sizes. It has the one-size option that can fit waistline from 26-39” and those below 190 lbs of going to birth. And if you are excess that weight, the plus-size option is suitable for you.

Made from breathable and comfortable material, a set of postpartum girdles can fasten the healing after birth without bringing you the unpleasant experience.

With high elasticity, you can adjust the wrap to fit perfectly to your body, and you will stay supported all day long.


  • Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable fabric
  • Fishbone design to correct posture
  • Easy to use and adjust


  • 3 fully-supported wraps will make it hard to sit down


Postpartum Belly Wrap 3 in 1 Post Partum Support Girdles...
  • ✅TWO SIZE FITS MOST MOTHER -- 【One size:】Waist belt fits...
  • ✅3 PIECES POSTPARTUM GIRDLE IN 1 SET:The postpartum belly band...
  • ✅ADJUSTABLE&MULTI-PURPOSE:Adjustable closure helps you get the...

The Gepoetry recovery belly wrap is an upgraded set of three belts in one set. It includes a waist belt, a pelvis belt, and a belly belt for maximum back pain support. This set can meet all the demands of mothers and maternity after giving birth.

The waist belt works excellently in shrinking stomach and slim waist. Meanwhile, the correcting pelvis belt will bring the pelvis to the right position. The belt will affect the C-section recovery to restore your body shape.

It comes in two sizes that can fit waistline from 26” to 39”, and from 38” to 44”. You should measure your current waistline size and pick the right one for you. Besides, the elastic and breathable fabric allows you to tune for the optimal fit.


  • 2-in-1 women postpartum recovery wrap
  • 3 level of supporting
  • Breathable and adjustable fabric


  • Stretching out quickly


Abdominal Binder Postpartum Belly Wrap C section Recovery...
  • ✅MATERIAL: Our postpartum belly wrap is made of 100% skin friendly...
  • ✅ SPEED UP RECOVERY: Speed up recovery from natural births or...
  • ✅UNIQUE DESIGN: Our c-section recovery belly band with 2 build-in...

The Moolida women’s abdominal binder is the lightest and most comfortable wrap with two pieces of bands. It is made from skin-friendly medical cotton, which is safe to wear directly on your skin. Moreover, the soft cloth can lay softly under clothing without discomfort or rolling up.

Unlike other wrap sets, the Moolida set of postpartum girdles comes in four different sizes. Not to mention the optimal fit that the specific sizes offer, a wide range of waistline from 24” to 49” makes this product friendly for all moms.

The C section recovery belt set will speed up recovery after giving birth. It will treat shrink belly, waist, and hips and also prevent sagging organs. You can use this belt set to boost up the recovery and bring your body back pre-pregnancy.


  • Four different sizes for optimal fit
  • Suitable for slimming, body shaping, and fitness
  • Skin-friendly fabric


  • Not standard American size


Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper Vest Body Shaper...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL:this waist training vest is made of high quality...
  • U-Shape Push Up Breast Design:special front U-type lift up breast...

This Nebility women waist trainer is a set of U-shape corset that can be used to flatten the abdomen, reduce waistline, support your back, and especially for postpartum recovery.

Thanks to the high-quality polyester and spandex fabric, you will feel the smooth and friendly corset to wear directly on the skin. Moreover, the material is moisture-wicking, breathable, and comfortable to wear.

With a wide range of S to 4XL, you will have a perfect fit with the Nebility corset. It comes with three rows of hook and eye closure and two adjustable shoulder straps for easy adjustment and fit.

This corset has a U-shape design, which is to flatten your tummy and make your breast more attractive. Thus, it can bring you an hourglass body figure right when you wear it on.


  • U-shape design for breast support and tummy flattening
  • Easy to adjust and wear
  • Multi-functional


  • You might experience a little bit of discomfort with breast push-up when sitting down.


3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Support Recovery Wrap – Postpartum...
  • 3-in-1 Postpartum Support Recovery Wrap in 2 Sizes: One Size and...
  • Helps You Get Back in Shape - Our 3-in-1 Postpartum Recovery Support...
  • Ergonomic Support for Your Belly, Back, and Pelvis – Your body needs...

The KeaBabies slimming 3-in-1 wrap is the best option for those who want intensive waist training. It has two sizes, one size for the pre-pregnancy weight of under 145 lbs, and the XL size for those who excess 145 lbs before having a baby.

With breathable and elastic mesh, the KeaBabies contours firmly around your body without causing any discomfort. The soft material will not cause any irritation when it contacts directly with your skin.

The KeaBabies postpartum supporting wrap is suitable for both those who go through a vaginal birth and C-section birth. It has a pelvic band that will fix and shape the widen pelvis after birth. Meanwhile, a stomach belt will prevent your abdomen from sagging and swelling. And the waist belt will make breastfeeding easier with a back support system.


  • 3-in-1 abdominal binder for both abdomen and hip recovery
  • Highly breathable with mesh for day and night use
  • Easy to use


  • Confusing size measurement


Upspring Shrinkx Belly Charcoal Postpartum Belly Wrap,...
  • SUPPORT AFTER BABY: Upspring Shrinkx postpartum belly wrap combines...
  • SLIMS BELLY AND WAIST: Easily adjustable to fit your changing size...
  • INCREASES CIRCULATION: Shrinkx post-pregnancy belly wrap contains...

The UpSpring Baby Shrinkx band is a friendly-designed trainer that helps you slim your belly and waist. It is made from bamboo charcoal fiber with exclusive technology for optimal comfort and ventilation. Apart from optimal compression property, the fiber technology also promotes circulation naturally even when you tighten it.

With only one trainer band, ut is suitable for C-section recovery to avoid swelling and bloating. It supports abdominal muscles and provides you with back support for breastfeeding. The bamboo charcoal, with its property to emit far-infrared light, will interact with your body heat to reduce swelling.

In terms of user experience, the UpSpring Shrinkx band contains mostly polyester, rubber, rayon, nylon, and bamboo charcoal yarn. They are excellent materials for soft touch and moisture-wicking. Also, it will not cause any skin irritation in your belly area.


  • Easy to use
  • Promoting circulation in the belly area
  • Suitable for C-section recovery


  • The velcro shows through clothes slightly


Trendyline Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly...
  • 4 SIZES AVAILABLE - Small fits waistline 24"-26", Medium fits...
  • COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE & DURABLE - This postpartum belly wrap is made...
  • BACK SUPPORT - The built-in boning of this c section belly binder is...

The Trendyline women’s wrap is a multi-purpose wrap set that suits both postpartum recovery and fitness purposes. It is available in four sizes, from S to XL. However, the smallest size is suitable for fitness and shaping the body but not for birth usage.

Made from high-quality stretchable, lightweight material, the Trendyline wrap will not roll up when you sit or move. Thus, you will never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. Also, this wrapping set is thicker compared to other competitors, which makes it more durable.

This set will enhance your healing process by easing the transition and shrinking the uterus to its normal size. It also supports the lower back and holds the tummy in for a better shape.


  • Thicker material for extra durability
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Suitable for C-section recovery, waistline reduction, and back pain relief


  • Defective moisture wicking


Maternity Support Belt Postpartum Waist Trainer Shapewear...
  • BACK SUPPORT & Shrink Down Postpartum Belly: It’s designed with...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Our postpartum waist trainer is made of skin...
  • INCREASE YOUR CONFIDENCE : The postpartum recovery shaperwear is a...

The Maternity waist trainer is a worth-considering choice for those who want an incredible transformation after giving birth. With seven sizes that fit with any type of body, this waist trainer is a perfect gift for postpartum women.

Moreover, it is made from nylon and spandex fabric premium material for non-irritation soft and smooth feeling on your natural skin. The high-quality material also maintains the waist trainer’s original form even you wash it in a washing machine.

The postpartum waist trainer is designed with double control and three rows of hook adjustable straps to make it more comfortable fitting. All you need to do is to adjust the size for a perfect fit. And the waist trainer will do the rest part to flatten your stomach and put back your baggy skin.


  • Easy to use
  • It can be washed with a washing machine
  • Skin-friendly material


  • Prominent zipper from over a fitting dress or a T-shirt


Postpartum Belly Wrap Band 3 in 1 Belt, C Section Girdle...
  • SOFT & BREATHABLE - Made from stretchy, breathable, and lightweight...
  • TWO SIZES & 3 BELTS IN 1 SET - Size Large is suitable for...
  • RECOVER PERFECT BODY - Your body has just carried a miracle, it's time...

If you are looking for a decent solution for your postpartum belly area, the Bestnewborn wrap might be a good choice. It can be used to fix your belly no matter whether you had gone through vaginal birth or a C-section.

With soft and breathable material, this wrap set is suitable for both day and night use under every weather condition. Meanwhile, it is sturdy enough for supporting your pelvis and back and not to roll up when you move or sit down.

The 3-band wrap set comes in two sizes for under 145 lbs and those above that weight. And if you might worry about the fitting, the stretchable fabric will handle your concern. You can adjust the tightness you want without taking off the whole wrapping set.


  • A pelvic and back support
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • It can be used under any weather condition


  • Annoying velcro with loud noise


BRABIC 2 in 1 Postpartum Belly Wrap Girdle Pelvis Belt Waist...
  • 【Waist Slim Tummy Tuck Control Shaper】 BRABIC women's postpatum...
  • 【6 Adjustable Rows Hook-Eye Closure】We specially design this waist...
  • 【High Elastic Soft Comforable Shapewear】The tummy control...

Last but not least, the Brabic 2-in-1 wrap is a perfect solution for a slim stomach. It helps to shrink belly fat, prevents sagging organs, and corrects pelvis position. Thus, you can trust this item in speeding up the postpartum C-section recovery process.

With 2-layer lightweight fabric, this wrap will perfectly contour your body with great compression to burn fat efficiently. It is nearly invisible when wearing under the clothes, so no one will know that you are wearing a wrap. Also, it features four bones around the waist bell to help you reform your posture.

The Brabic wrap has six different types for optimal fit. You should measure your hip and waist carefully before choosing the right size.


  • Fasten your stomach, buttocks and lift your hips
  • Easy to use
  • Invisible and comfortable under clothes


  • Less breathable material

Benefits of Usage

Postpartum belly wraps or commonly known as abdominal binders are the item that offers compression on your abdomen. They are widely used for several years to give women a slim and hourglass figure.

Although time has made several changes on postpartum girdles, their benefits maintain the same:

  • Postpartum wraps support abdominal muscles to fight back postpartum problems like diastasis recti. They will diminish the pressure on the C-section after you have gone through surgery.
  • Postpartum abdominal binders help you maintain a great posture. Carrying a baby might change your posture and cause adverse impacts on your spine. And belly wraps can help you keep a great posture for breastfeeding and lower the risk of spine problems.
  • Postpartum wraps can alleviate some of the back pain. Although doctors recommend mothers not carry heavier things than their baby, we all know that women have several tasks to accomplish. And a wrap can help you relieve the pain by sharing the pressure with your spine.
  • Postpartum wraps can stabilize your pelvic floor, which has taken the beat for nine months of carrying a baby. They also reduce the pain of the pelvis as well as shorten the healing time of 2 months.
  • Postpartum abdominal binders offer you a fitter look instantly. With a little bit of compression, the wrap can bring back a slimmer figure and gain your confidence.

Shopping Tips

Choosing a belly wrap might seem easy at first. However, when you get closer, you will hesitate between thousands of choices. So, it will be much easier to put some criteria for choosing the best postpartum girdles.

  • Comfort. The first thing to address is your comfort. You will need to pay a lot of attention to pick the right size. Moreover, the elasticity and material of the wrap is the key to your comfort. You might choose a band made from premium fabric with a skin-friendly surface and excellent stretchability.
  • Ease of use. Putting a belly wrap on must be done in less than three minutes. And adjusting the fitting level of the wrap also costs you as little effort as possible. You should pay attention to the wrap’s closure as it is the key factor in adjusting and wearing the wrap.
  • Invisibility. You don’t want everyone around to know that you are wearing a girdle. So you might consider the invisibility of the belly wrap carefully, especially when you would love to wear tight clothes.
  • Budget. Finally, you should consider the amount of money that you will pay for this item. If you only want to use it for a short time, saving might be a better choice. But if you want to use it for fitness purposes, the best postpartum waist trainer is worth investigating.

When to Start Wearing

Wearing a postpartum girdle should be done as soon as possible after delivery if you have a natural birth. It will help you will the back pain immediately. And the sooner you wear an abdominal binder, the easier you will feel after giving birth.

However, if you have a C-section, asking your doctor is required. You need to make sure that wearing a wrap will not have any bad impacts on your incision. Also, you need to give it a try to see whether you feel okay with a wrap touching your incision.

Belly Wraps And C-Section Pain

As I have mentioned above, belly wraps are said to be helpful for C-section pains. Some moms from an Obstetrics & Gynecology study said they experienced less pain since they wore a girdle.

As some wraps have specific technology to enhance blood circulation, they will accelerate your incision’s healing process. Another explanation is that the wraps might distract mothers from the pain and focus more on feeding their babies.

However, many mothers experience nothing different when wearing a belly wrap. And others might not stand the pain when the wrap touches their incision.

Can It Help During Pregnancy?

Not only do women use girdles after giving birth, but they also use these helpful wraps during pregnancy. Belly wraps can be used for more comfort when carrying a baby but under the supervisor of doctors.

They might offer you great support for your back and help you maintain a good posture. Moreover, they have steel bones to support your back and make it more comfortable moving around and doing household chores. They also offer great help in keeping maternity jeans and the bottom wears to stay in place.

What to Keep in Mind

Using a belly wrap might be incredibly helpful for pregnant and postpartum women. But you need to keep in mind that do not make it too tight.

A tight belly wrap will put pressure on your pelvic floor, which already holds a lot of weight and pressure during pregnancy. And I need to emphasize that you need to ask your doctor first if you want to use a belly wrap during pregnancy. Those with signs of incontinence, vaginal prolapse, and leaking should not use girdles.

Moreover, wrapping your stomach tightly might prevent natural blood flow to the uterus. That will not decrease the bleeding process but cause hazardous effects on your baby.

If you use a belly wrap for the postpartum C-section recovery process, you need to avoid direct contact between the band’s edge with your incision. It might trigger irritation on the wound and take the wound more time to heal.

Postpartum Girdles Vs. Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are the term for a modern corset that is worn between your breast and hips. It will help you form an hourglass body shape by compressing your body using hook and eye closures.

Although they are said to help losing weight and shape your body, the real effect of waist trainers is only to give a short-term solution. Moreover, the extra tightness of waist trainers might cause bad impacts on your internal organs.

In contrast, postpartum girdles are designed with gentle compression only to keep your muscle in the right position. As their main purpose is to support your core and pelvic floor, they feature bones for supporting your back and dispersing the pressure evenly, which you cannot see in waist trainers.

However, there are some options for waist trainers that can be used for postpartum recovery. They have more hook and eye closures for adjustable tightness and integrate supporting features to deal with your pain. You can use them for physical therapy to fasten up the healing process.


Do postpartum belly wraps really work?

Postpartum belly wraps work excellently in pain-reducing and posture fixing. It will fasten up the healing process and help you avoid postpartum problems such as pelvic pain, back pain, and swelling. Also, you can count on this item to give you a slightly slimmer shape immediately.

How long should you bind your belly after birth?

You need to ask your doctor before wearing a girdle. And asking for more advice on this problem is acceptable. You can also follow the common rule for women wearing a belly wrap after delivery for at least two months.

How many hours a day should I wear a postpartum belt?

To receive the best benefits from a belly wrap, you need to follow a schedule. You should wear it continuously 24 hours a day for at least one first initial week. After this first week, you can take it off during the night or wear it for 12 hours a day.

Does a postpartum belt reduce tummy?

Postpartum belts do not reduce tummy. It only puts your muscles and skin back to the original position. Thus, it will aid in reducing baggy skins and then diminish your saggy stomach. You should have a proper diet plan and take exercise regularly for belly reduction.

Is belly binding after pregnancy safe?

Experts claim that wearing a belly wrap with gentle tightness after pregnancy is safe. It is best to ask your doctor about applying belly binding. And remember not to put extra pressure on your pelvic by tightening the wrap too much.

How long does it take for the belly to flatten after pregnancy?

As your tummy muscles have to carry a baby for nine months, it makes sense that it can take you weeks and even months for your tummy to get back to the original state. And this healing process depends on some factors like your pre-pregnancy state, your eating habits, etc…

Can I wear my postpartum belt while sleeping?

Definitely yes. As I have answered above, you will need to wear the band for both day and night in the first week; you should pay attention to the material. The soft and breathable material can give your excellent comfort for night sleep.

How long does the postpartum period last?

The postpartum period is the first six weeks after delivery, which is a critical time that requires a lot of care for both a mother and a baby. In some special cases, the postpartum period can be delayed and last up to six months.

When can you wear a waist trainer after pregnancy?

After giving birth, your uterus is at a special state that requires up to six weeks to shrink back to the normal state. Moreover, the recovery process will take up around a month. And after these two processes, you can start waist training.

How do I tighten my stomach after having a baby?

Tightening your stomach after giving birth requires not only effort but also patience. You will need to maintain the habit for at least three months to see the sweet result. Here are something you can do to tighten your stomach skin:

  • Have a clean diet of healthy fats and proteins
  • Doing cardio exercises to burn fats.
  • Strength training exercises to tone up your loose muscles
  • Drink as much water you can
  • Try skin-firming cosmetics, massage to deal with saggy skin on your stomach.

The Bottom Line

Postpartum belly wraps are for fastening up the healing process and offering you a slimmer look after giving birth. And I hope that you understand about these beneficial items after finishing this best postpartum belly wraps review. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you again.

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