What are the Best Waist Trainers for Plus-Sized Women? Review of the Top 7 Models

It is high time to take back your flattened belly and get an hourglass body like Kim!

We do not joke.

Here is a list of the 7 best waist trainers plus size reviews to help you choose your needs.

Also, we include a complete buying guide and FAQ’s list to fasten your buying process.

Then, you will have more time to practice with the trainer.

Best Plus Size Waist Trainers – Quick Comparison

Reviews of the Best Waist Trainers for Plus Sized Women

TrainingGirl Cincher Belt

TrainingGirl Women Waist Trainer Cincher Belt Tummy Control...
  • FUNCTIONAL SAUNA SWEAT WAIST TRAINER: Made of Latex-Free 100% neoprene...
  • PROMOTES BODY HEAT & WEIGHT LOSS: The hourglass compression waist belt...
  • BACK SUPPORT & IMPROVE POSTURE: Our waist trimmer cincher girdle with...

The very first trainer for the waist is the TrainingGirl cincher belt.

Made of the complete latex-free neoprene fabric, the trainer is supposed to offer comfort and durability at the same time. You can wear this one daily to the gym or work.

Not to mention, the cincher-style helps cover a wide area around your belly for better heat production, while it supports the side and the back against pains and herniated disc problems.

Accordingly, there are 5 bendable spiral steel bones, a double-adjustment velcro closure, and 3 adjustable hooks, with which you can easily manage the compression to your preference.


  • Various plus sizes available
  • Compressive and stretchy material
  • Comfortable cincher style
  • Easy to  put on and take off
  • Versatile for daily activities


  • The large size that is not close enough
  • Less supportive for lower belly

GAODI Vest Slim Corset

GAODI Women Waist Trainer Vest Slim Corset Neoprene Sauna...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL:Top quality neoprene,promote blood flow,increase body...
  • ABSORB SWEAT NEOPRENE:The hot vest absorbs sweat quickly to let you...
  • UPGRADE ZIPPER DESIGN:Our sauna vest is equipped with strong zipper...

While the TrainingGirl model above is excellent, some complain that it is thick to lie under your jacket. So, if you want a thinner option, then we suggest this GAODI Corset.

Thanks to the premium neoprene material, the corset is extremely lightweight on your waist. However, it turns out to increase the heat effect 3 times than other corsets. As a result, you will sweat like crazy and lose weight significantly after a couple of weeks. More excitingly, the top-quality neoprene can wick water and moisture almost instantly to remain fresh and dry all the time.

We also like the reliable design of the GAODI Women Trainer. You can figure out the convenient zipper, which helps adjust the compression and put on/off the corset. Moreover, the sewing is firm and exquisite. You can expect this trainer to last for years without wear and tear.


  • Coming in various size options
  • Lightweight and compressive fabric
  • Sturdy and supportive construction
  • 3x more effective in creating heat treatment
  • Beautiful and sexy body shaper


  • Bigger sizes than normal
  • Frequent clean suggested

Joyshaper Corset

JOYSHAPER Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Women...
  • ✅Lose Weight Faster.✅The hourglass waist trainer corset for weight...
  • ✅Reduce Waistline Quickly.✅This workout waist trainer for women...
  • ✅Sweat More 3 Times Than Before.✅This waist slimmer weight loss...

Ultra comfort is what we want to praise about this shapewear.

The trainer is made of blended fabric, including 80% neoprene and 20% nylon. The trainer is not too thick at this rate, whereas it still holds you in and promotes sweating extremely well.

Secondly, this corset comes in different sizes, from S to XXL. So to say, whatever your size is, you can still find an option with Joyshaper trainers.

Thirdly, the long torso design is loved. Specifically, your belly fat will be concealed completely under the tank top, making it easy to fit on your favorite jeans or so. Also, one zipper and three-row hooks are helping to shape your body as wished.


  • A variety of sizes
  • Supportive design for tall people
  • Back support as well
  • Comfortable blended neoprene
  • 3x better in promoting heat around your waist


  • Visible straps, making it not ideal for all fashion styles
  • Big sizes that are easily loosen

Eleady Underbust Corset

Eleady Women's Underbust Corset Waist Trainer Cincher Steel...
  • U-type Anti-droop Breast design which keeping push up...
  • Size S: Waist 21.2-24.4 ; Size M: Waist 24.4-27.5 ; Size L: Waist...
  • Three columns of hook-and-eye closures ensure this waist cincher vest...

Eleady Women’s Underbust Corset is the very next plus-size model on the list.

It is advertised to make you sweat crazily under a thermal vest that intensifies your body. Moreover, the U-shaped design helps keep the breast up and hide back flappy, along with armpit fat. Is the Eleady Women’s Underbust Corset that good?

Then we confirm that the model looks very user-friendly with the zipper operating, three-column hooks, and eye closure. Therefore, the corset is to support a natural and sleek waistline. Moreover, the U-type breast and zipper will pull from the bottom to improve your body.

The size is available from S (21.2 – 24.4) to 4XL (40.1-43.3.)


  • Affordable
  • U-shaped breast support design
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • Various size available
  • High-quality zipper


  • Hand-washing
  • A bit uncomfortable bars

YIANNA Sweat Sauna Suit

YIANNA Sweat Sauna Suit for Women Neoprene Waist Trainer...
  • Hot Sweat Sauna Vest Interior: Neoprene;
  • Unique Design: Sports Bra + Waist Trimmer + Waist trainer; High...
  • Zipper front closure + adjustable waistband with velcro closure, an...

Interestingly enough, the YIANNA Sweat Neoprene Sauna Suit is functional, featuring a waist trimmer, a sports bra, and a trainer at a time.

The velcro closure and front zipper are available to adjust the waistband most comfortably. You can put on this cloth to the gym without any accessories.

The trainer set is made of single-layer neoprene and interior lining of rubber or jersey mesh in terms of quality. This will offer you both comfort and high heat performance.

To think of the built-in sizes, we recommend this trainer for ladies, having normal or sort torsos only.


  • Improved compression of the gear
  • Easily adjust design
  • Comin in a full set of bra, trimmer, and trainer
  • Comfortable material


  • Not for long torso
  • Limited sizes

Nebility Zipper Corset

Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper Vest Body Shaper...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL:this waist training vest is made of high quality...
  • U-Shape Push Up Breast Design:special front U-type lift up breast...

You will fall for this Nebility trainer if you are looking for compact and effective shapewear.

The Nebility comes in the form of a wide belt of a three-layer zipper, hook-style closure. It will cover your waist with comfort and compression on the tummy. You will witness a significant water weight on your belly after a couple of weeks.

More excitingly, the trainer is supportive of your back as there are 5 stretchy bones of steel. Your back will be straight and painless due to the 360-degree shaping of the bones.

Plus, this one is made of quality composite. It is less expensive than neoprene, while you can still feel relaxed and latex-free. Furthermore, the additional mesh backing helps increase the breathability


  • An affordable and quality trainer
  • Snug fit around your waist and high compression
  • Good for lower back pain
  • Effortless to clean composite
  • Big sizes for plus-size people


  • Able to wear out over time

Lover-Beauty Body Faja Shapewear

Lover-Beauty Seamless Waist Cincher Corset Bodysuit Plus...
  • Material: This bodysuit shapewear is made of 30% spandex+70% nylon, it...
  • Features: This shapewear is equipped with three rows of hook and eye...
  • Functions:Our tummy control shapewear can correct your posture and...

The last trainer – Lover-Beauty Body Shaper Openbust Faja Shapewear, is fairly different from others on the list. It is a body shaper. It means, rather than the tummy fat, it will also work for other parts of your body and get all slim back again.

There are 3 rows of a hook, coming along with eye closure and zipper to help you put on the cloth more easily. It also supports enhanced firm control in the abdominal area.

Consumers also like the U-shaped open bust and butt promoter design of the trainer because it makes your figures more attractive.


  • Whole-body shaper
  • Bust and butt enhancer
  • Easy to adjust
  • Comfortable material


  • Not for all wearing styles
  • Expensive

How to Choose a Good Plus-Size Trainer?

If you are beginners to waist trainers, you may still be confused – even when we already introduced you to the top 7 on the market. Thus, to help you make a choice more easily, we reveal a brief buying guide right below.

The style

You can choose either corset-styled or cincher-style trainers. What are the differences?

The corsets feature hard boning steel to shave your waist for three to six inches. Then, you will get a sexy hourglass body immediately. However, prepare for pains and discomfort if you are about to wear the corsets all day.

Cinchers, fortunately, are more comfortable thanks to their adjustable boning and zippers/laces. As a result, we would recommend the cinchers for people with plus size. For this reason, you can wear the trainer longer and get a better result.


As can be seen from the list of the best waist trainer plus size, neoprene is standard for almost all trainers. This material keeps a balance of cost and performance.

Besides, leather corsets are also popular. They wrap more tightly around your waist for a beautiful form. Nonetheless, some find leather trainers a bit overly tight.

Between the two options, we suggest another material – the natural latex rubber. It is not as cheap as neoprene, but more relaxing and compressed.


The very next step is to pick up a size that will help you look thinner while you can still feel breathable. Normally, the manufacturers often offer a detailed size chart for your reference. Nonetheless, measuring methods might vary.

Get started by measuring your size on your own, using some tips shared by Orchard Corset.

Then select a size from the chart. Talk to the seller, if necessary.


Why should plus size women waist train?

Because waist training helps take back your flattened belly quickly to be more confident and attractive. Do not get us wrong. By no means, we mean body shaming. Nevertheless, an over-sized waist keeps you from many things like playing active sports or wearing stunning clothes.

Do waist trainers work for plus size?

Definitely, yes.

There are hundreds of consumers who try waist trainers for several weeks and get incredible results. However, the trainer will not work by itself. Instead, you must follow regular exercise and proper diets.

Pick the best trainer today and try!

Can it get rid of FUPA?

One more time, yes.

Waist trainers are also effective with a fat upper public area (FUPA.) Simply put, you should choose the trainer that is wide enough to cover the upper public part. On wearing it and doing workouts, you can burn fat in many places at a time.

Can you lose belly fat with it?

Of course, losing belly fat is the fundamental benefit of this type of shapewear. When wrapping around your hips, the trainer creates heat, and you will sweat like crazy. It is how fat is getting out of your body.

Where does the fat go when corset training?

Some people say that waist or corset trainer is just a neat magic trick rather than losing any fat.

It is partly true for the very first days you wear the trainer. Fat is squeezed and compressed into the abdominal cavity. After a while, the water weight is got rid of, and your body is “truly” slimmer.

What size should I get?

Do not put too much pressure on your waist. It would help if you bought a trainer who is about 7 inches smaller than your natural size. Any tighter size causes discomfort and pain.

Moreover, make sure you can still put a finger underneath the trainer when putting it on.

Can you wear it all day?


At first, you need to wear trainers for two or three hours. Then, you can increase the time to eight hours to twelve hours daily.

The waist trainers are hot, but over is not!

How do you get rid of back fat with it?

Not all trainers deal with back fat. To do so, you should go to corset-style or tank-top trainers. They all cover the back to wick the fat away.

Is it normal to have a FUPA?

FUPA is common due to various factors like pregnancy, aging, stress, or a sudden weight change. No need to overly worry.

Keep calm and plan for workouts with the waist trainer.

Are training results permanent?


Without frequent exercises, strict diets, and a healthy lifestyle, ugly fat will come back quickly.

Last Verdict

All in all, every woman should be more serious about her waist, not only for sexy body shape but also to get rid of unhealthy fat and enjoy life. At that time, take a look at the best waist trainer plus size right above and make a choice!

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