All Things to Know About Eyewear Trends For Women in 2022

You know what?

The highlight of an outfit usually lies in small details like hats, earrings, or shoes, but a classy pair of sunglasses will make you stand out more than ever.

Every year, a myriad of styles from famous brands such as Ray-Ban, Gentle Monster, or Mont Blanc is released, making it difficult for many people to choose the right glasses.

This article will show you all the things you need to know about eyewear trends for women in 2022

First appearing in the 12th century in China, sunglasses’ main job wasn’t to protect the eyes from UV rays but to protect witnesses when questioned in court.

It was not until the 20th century that sunglasses officially became popular around the world, especially among Hollywood movie stars.

In addition to bringing a modern style to the user, the eyeglasses also prevent dust and harmful rays from the sun, helping to protect your eyes.

So, What Are Trending Now?


As the trend of micro-glass gradually regresses, oversize designs start to dominate the fashion world. This model is also known as granny glasses because of the thick frame, warm tones, combined with square or round eyes.

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The retro glasses that carry the breath of decades ago will make you look very elegant.

Combining this style with a fedora hat and a monochrome top is a great choice.

If you want to be more outgoing and want to dress up with street style, retro glasses with leopard motifs are a suggestion.

Even elderly ladies can pursue this style with black glasses.


Pilot sunglasses are one of the leading trends this year. The unique designs will definitely attract your attention, especially for tomboys. Launched in the 1930s, this design has been vigorously revived by many fashion houses this year.

The aviator sunglasses come with a luxurious look, in a variety of colors and designs, creating a stylish accessory for users. Besides, this type of sunglasses is also combined with UV-resistant highly polarized glasses so that it will protect your eyes safely.

At first glance, these ones seem difficult to combine, but in fact, you can freely choose your outfits to combine with this type of glasses.

You can choose the ones with golden frames to match your hair color.

Or dark frames to make your eyes stand out.


Just like the name suggests, these ones imitate the look of a cat’s eyes, making it a perfect add up to your sassy wardrobe. Perhaps that is why it makes a lot of Beauty Bloggers have to buy a pair for themselves.

At first glance, nothing too special, but this design makes everyone impressed by its uniqueness. If you have a round face, the downward eyeglasses will lengthen your face and conceal defects. For those of you whose face is a bit square, these ones diagonal towards the nose will somewhat reduce the angular angle of your face.

Not only that, but they also come in many different colors, making the wearer look both mischievous and unusual, special.

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For tanned girls, you should choose black-rimmed cat eyeglasses and nude lipsticks.

If you’re looking for a vintage look, cat eyeglasses paired with a polka dots turban will be an excellent choice.

Cat eyeglasses make you look sharper and sexier.


A little classic but helps to conceal the blemishes on the face? Round-rimmed glasses are especially suitable for girls with long faces, making your face more plump and balanced. A lot of young people love round frame eyewear trends because their designs and colors are very prominent and impressive.

Round lenses are always attractive and eye-catching with meticulous, elaborate details, and sophistication to help you feel more confident. Your own choices of clothing will make this accessory a perfect add up for your daily hangout.

Transparent, round glasses combine with silver hair color makes this girl so sophisticated.


Big-sized sunglasses are more and more diverse and belove by girls all around the world. This comes in all shapes and sizes, from basic iris style and black frame to specially designed square lenses or colorful frames, making you look youthful and dynamic.

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You can combine every item in your wardrobe with these round eyeglasses. A full-black outfit with a crop top is a smart choice to create an energetic look.

A shirt with a prominent color combined with round glasses is not a bad choice. This look brings sweetness and youthfulness to you.

Clear framed

Appeared in the fashion world for quite a long time, but not until recently, transparent glasses were renewed and created “a fever” among fashionistas. Its neutral color scheme is a great choice, making it easy to mix with all your favorite outfits.

This clear framed has a bit of vintage touch into it. It is perfect for those who are looking for a simple yet classy look.

Transparent rectangle eyewear is a safe option for everyone.

No matter you are an officer

Or a girl pursuing a sexy figure


This is a glasses model associated with a youthful and eye-catching style. For those of you who wear neutral clothing, these ones offer a fun accent and make you look more prominent. This will be an indispensable accessory for any fashionista this year.

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Small frames will help you show off the contours of your face.


Since the 70s of the last century, this tortoise pattern has been used and has become a trend with no signs of cooling off. Impressed by classics, elegance, and style, this frame can captivate any fashionista who loves keeping up with the never-go-out-of-style look.

The tortoiseshell frame is never outdated, no matter how fashion revolves.

With modern innovation, you can choose for yourself a model of tortoise glasses with many different colors, suitable for your skin and hair.

Tortoise glasses and denim are the combos for you to go downtown and flex your style.

Many high-end designers have introduced tortoiseshell glasses, such as this Tom Ford right here.


For the girls who like the lady style, this is these ones for you. These frames are the cross between retro design and contemporary beauty, giving you timeless beauty.

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Semi-rimless glass has only one thick edge. This special design is suitable for those with a small face as it does not obscure the contours of your face.

Metal frame

If you’re a fan of solid metal designs, congratulations, these ones are back. Metal-frame slim patterns with stylish designs contribute a lot to the highlight of your face.

Metal-frame glasses are usually made of super-light alloys, providing an extremely comfortable feeling for users.


Hipsterism has grown in popularity over the past decade. This style is filled with antiquity and style. Hipster emphasizes individualism and is concerned with maintaining its authenticity. Hipster glasses are considered a bit quirky and beloved by people who are not into chasing trends.

Hippy-style glasses do not adhere to the usual standards. Instead, they create an individual style for the user, helping you to get out of your comfort zone.


Many stars and fashionista choose the ones with unique frames as fancy jewelry. They are eyeglasses that are irregularly created and with different shapes, symmetrically or asymmetrically. This type of sunglasses will suit souls who are always innovative in style.

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Unique glasses often carry a bold personal touch.

In Conclusion

Sunglasses are not only accessories but also a statement confirming the personality and style of trendy girls. Having a perfect suit sunglasses will help you stand out anywhere.

After reading this article, we hope that you are updated with all eyewear trends for women in 2022. Thank you for reading.

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