How To Keep Beaded Earrings From Curling – 5 Useful Tips For You

Many people love handmade things, and I bet that you are no exception. No one can say no to the charm of these fantastic accessories. Besides, it is also so much fun to learn how to create jewelry, especially the colorful strings with different types of beads.

Yeah, just thinking about this makes me be pumped up! And once you get started, they are very addicting – make a pair, and you can not stop!

However, easier said than done! Having struggled with numerous problems: tangling threads, wrong order of beads, and so on. I found that the most serious trouble is how to keep beaded earrings from curling.

Their great charm, though, made me incapable of giving up. I spent a lot of time trying lots of ways and finally found some tricks. And today, I want to share what I did to solve the issue. If you are having trouble keeping your earrings flat, this post is precisely for you!

String beads with prober threads

Curling beaded earrings

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Those who understand the general principles of beading will not have any difficulty finding ingredients. One thing that might be questioned is the thread, but everything is easy with them: in a sewing shop, but you need to buy special types of threads.

  • Flexible thin thread – for the elements that have to hold a specific shape and not be deformed.
  • Fishing lines –  focus on details of the rigidly shaped earrings. It should be thin because it can bulge at a thick one.

Notably, using a softer thread on the fringe is a crucial ingredient to prevent your beaded earrings from curling. For whatever cause, make sure you do not double back through your fringe. Each string should have only one thread strand to keep them as soft and flexible as possible.

Keep the tension firm

One of the secrets to flattening beaded earrings is the right amount of tension. It does not require much practice, but it is vital!

When beading so tight, the strand often curls out of shape. You certainly want the beads on every strand to be touching others without any visible piece of thread between them, particularly where the fringe strands are connected to the top of the earring.

It would help if you gently pulled down the strands. This act may already result in a minimal gap. You can see in my last step how I managed to keep my strand flat and straight even in case of my fringe becomes a little curled. So, I suggest holding a suitable tension for better results while beading.

Make it as long as possible

Hang them whenever you can

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It can not be denied that gravity plays a vital role in helping us answer the question here.

We can easily recognize: the longer your strand is, the more beads will be on each strand, and so the heavier your fringe will be. Once the string is heavier, the gravity of it will help to pull the strands downward.

Ohh, wait! You can also keep beaded strands flat by hanging. Attach the earring-hooks when you are working on your earrings.

After that, hang them whenever you can, even while your earrings are still in progress or when you have a break or overnight. Let gravity help you straighten down your fringe strands naturally!

Put a heavier bead at each string’s bottom

There is one more trick related to gravity I want to share with you now. To be honest, this tip does not have much effect on keeping your earrings from curling, but we still should make use of it.

You may have seen a lot of great beaded earrings finishing with a single larger bead. Over many times having followed and tried, I found that this way has a little bit of help.

From then on, I often put a larger bead at the bottom of each fringe. The slightly heavier weight would help you pull down the strand. Also, using a different size at the end of the strand creates an exciting appearance for your earrings.

Like I said above, it is not a whole lot, but you should take any capable advantage.

Finish strand with a larger bead

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Rubber bands can help you

Once I had done the first earring,  even though I used all the above tips, my beaded earring was still curling. I was extremely disappointed! I can not figure out how to keep mine from looking bad after applying the right tension, prober threads, gravity effect.

But, well, in a surprising way, rubber bands helped me do the thing I could not do.

When I was hanging the earring naturally on the edge of a cylindrical cup, I thought, I should hold the fringe in place in order to better follow the pattern for making the second one in this set.

I then carefully put a rubber band around the cup over part of the fringe. I made sure to line up all the fringe strands parallel to each other, without any twists or overlaps when doing.

Just like that, I added two more bands to place around the rest of my earrings. Let’s remember the rubber bands were pressing down slightly on the strands in order for having no slack on every string.

Use rubber band

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I left it for a brief time to do something else. When I went back and removed the bands, surprisingly, it was not curling like before. I felt really excited! I repeated the process and left the earrings banded overnight. How more straight the strands were!  The strands then stayed straight and nice. I could do that!

From then on, I was ready to make more and more beaded earrings without being afraid of it curling.


After all, I am sure you have had the key to the question How to keep beaded earrings from curling. I hope that all the above tips have effects on your work. No business is a success from the beginning, try it, and you will get rewarded results!

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