How To Style A Black Trench Coat For Women: 9 Amazing Tips


Are you bored to death by wearing the same outfits every day?

Then it is time to add a little taste with a black trench coat.

This fall is the perfect time for you to rock that lightweight layering piece with style.

Want to know how to style a black trench coat?

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How to style it?

A trench coat is an essential item in one’s fall wardrobe. It is definitely something super easy to throw on top of any outfit. The colors that you usually get are beige, camel, and sometimes black.

They can be worn casually and also in other formal events depending on the materials that you get. In addition, the structural shape makes it even easier to put on.

Nowadays, it is almost a must-have item for both men and women. You can see models and fashion gurus wear them in the streets, on the catwalk, and probably anywhere from fancy restaurants to cozy coffee shops.

We have collected and picked out the best ways that you can style this type of coat. Here are some of them.

With leather handbags

If you’re a girl, you will understand how useful a handbag can be. Moreover, if you pick the right handbag, it will be an interesting item for your outfit.

A leather handbag is a wise choice for girls who like their looks to be a little chic and elegant.

mix it with a leather handbag

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With light colors

Black can coordinate with almost every color on the color palette. But black, with contrasting colors like white, yellow, orange, and similar light colors can really stand out. If you want to walk out the streets with people’s attention, get something that attracts their eyes.

Mix it with white boots

With sporty counterparts

Why not mix up something sporty with something elegant? You might think that this is a fashion disaster, but the opposite is true for this case. With a little color of sports, your outfit of the day will definitely be the most rocking.

In sports fashion, people often have a bias towards light colors, especially neon colors. You can mix the black coat with neon caps, sneakers, or even a tennis dress.

Vinyl trench with jeans

Vinyl material has been one of the most used materials in the fashion industry. Vinyl clothes bring a dusty, street-like vibe but at the same time a sense of luxury and splendor.

Black vinyl trench with jeans and heels

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With red accessories

There is no denying that black and red go so well together that it almost seems like nothing looks better on black than red. Red accessories that you may coordinate with black are red heels, redshirts, and sometimes even red jeans.

Black trench coat with redshirt

With boots

Since the ‘90s, the combo of black leather coats and boots has been in favor of great fashionistas, rock stars, and beauty gurus. Wonder how models choose their outfits? Here are some suggestions:

  • Ankle boots: On the inside, you can wear denim, pants, skirts, or dresses. On the outside is a black leather coat. Finish it with a pair of ankle boots (preferably black for more edginess).
  • Knee-high or thigh-high boots: You know what creates heaven? Knee-high or thigh-high boots and leather black trench coat. Yes, you heard it. Once you coordinate high boots the same color, it will give you this cold and effortlessly cool look.

Black leather trench with knee-high boots

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With flatforms

The flatform oxfords make the coat look less formal. It also gives you a playful attitude like a kid.

Try it with flatforms

With tank, jeans, and sneakers

Even a simple tank, jeans, and basic sneakers can never bore you. Next time you need to run some errands, put on this outfit, and get the job done in style.

mix with tank and jeans

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With a plaid-patterned jacket

Tired of the traditional style? Go try mixing it up with some modern items like a plaid-patterned jacket.

Plaid-patterned has never ceased to be hot in the fashion world. In the fashion collections of famous designers, there will always be items that are plaid-patterned. Not only does it bring a classic vibe but it also carries this fresh new breeze to modern-day fashion.

Plaid-patterned jacket

Are you a guy? Here are some tips:

  • Try to mix your coat with a light blue shirt and grey slacks
  • Wear it on top of a plain white T-shirt and black slacks
  • Try it cardigan layered with chinos and boots
  • Style it with a slightly unbuttoned shirt, jeans, and boots


The trench coat has always been an indispensable item in both men’s and women’s closets.

Since 1820, it has claimed its dominant position in the fashion world. It’s a symbol and a fashion statement. From fashion events to the edgy streets, people are rocking it.

It seems like the black ones are never out of style. Ageless, seasonless, and genderless, the coat is more and more popularized all over the world.

That’s why we recommend you to have at least one in your wardrobe.

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