How To Wear Dresses With Sneakers: Stunning Combinations for Your Daily Outfits

We all know that dresses and high heels work so well when worn together.

But do you know that sneakers and dresses can make any woman look stunning if they mix-match them correctly?

In this guide, we will show you how to wear dresses with sneakers and look beautiful in the mix.

Besides, you will know how to choose the right color for the right types of sneakers.

Stay tuned for the tips!


Who says sexy bodycon dresses cannot mix with big and sporty sneakers. Not high heels, but these sneakers will be the reason why people cannot take their eyes off you.

Navy Dress

This mix is absolutely stunning, as you can see in the picture. A navy dress with a leather jacket outside will look best if you mix it with a pair of black sneakers. If you want to be even more fashionable, accessories such as sunglasses and black handbags will help.

How to Mix Dresses and Sporty Sneakers

No matter if you choose sexy or sporty dresses, these sporty shoes can give you an active look compared to high heels, and of course, you will love their look if you mix them right. Here are some of the best combinations.

Black and White

White kicks can get along so well with both black and white dresses.

Not only black or white dresses, but white shoes can also be a great fit for many other colors.

White Dress

Dark pink shoes can light up your whole outfit when you wear them with a white dress. Moreover, a black jacket and a black purse will absolutely make things perfect.


Tights should be one of your considerations if you are a Midi dress fan. Besides high heels, sneakers will be great for this combo, too.


Regularly, shirt dresses are quite easy to mix with different types of shoes, including sneakers.

Demi Vest

Demi vest looks pretty comfy, and it can be a great fit for sneakers. If you wear a demi dress with a white dress inside, then consider mixing them with a pair of white shoes.

Prom Dress

Prom dresses are mostly for formal events, so many women think they can only look great with high heels.

Pink Dress

Do you know that a cute pink dress can look so well with big and sporty sneakers, even the black and white one like this?

Maxi Dress

If you are a maxi dress fan, do not miss the chance of mixing these two things together.

Long Midi Dress

A long midi is beautiful, and sneakers should be one of your options to mix with this style.

A long black dress will look so fine with a pair of white shoes. In case you want to be even more fashionable, then sunglasses and purple bags will make you look stunning.

Linen Dress

When the opposite color can give you a sporty or attention-grabbing look, a nice linen dress with a pair of pink shoes will be elegant and sweet.

Lace Dress

The lace dress is sexy, and it can look good with a pair of sneakers. 

Midi Dress

Midi dresses are beautiful, and they are quite easy to mix with different shoes, especially high heels, and pastel sneakers.

While high heels can hurt your feet and make you feel so inconvenient and uncomfortable, pastel sneakers will help you enjoy every moment with its comfiness.


We have been talking about dresses, but how about jackets? Can they go well with sneakers? The answer is Yes, and here are some good examples to prove my point.

Varsity Dress

Varsity dresses are quite simple, and they can be a great fit here. If you own some dark-color varsity dress, white kicks will be a good option. This combination can make you look energetic and fashionable.

Besides the opposite colors mixtures, you can also mix light-color varsity.

For feminine dresses such as this black and white one, you might not want to combine it with sneakers because you do not want to ruin the feminine looks.

Well, you do not have to worry, because when you mix this dress with fashionable black-and-white kicks, you will see how well the shoes and dress go together.

And you should only choose the right size of sneakers if you do not want to ruin the look. Wear your shoes with the dress, then check if they look great together before going out.

Colored Dress

White sneakers will be a good choice for many types of dresses with different colors, and here are some stunning examples.

Bohemian Peasant Frock

Bohemian Peasant Frock will go well with sneakers and can give you both an active and feminine appearance at the same time. One of the must-try combinations is white shoes and a yellow peasant dress. Trust me, you will look so elegant in them.

Besides yellow dresses, you should not miss the chance of mixing white kicks and white peasant dresses.

The black-and-white combination will be a good option for an informal event or friendly meeting.

Bright Shoes with LBD

If you have a pair of bright sneakers and a pair of dark-colored ones, you can appear in many different styles as this color is really easy to mix with other dresses, and LBD is one of those.

Demi Dress

White sneakers and sunglasses will give you an elegant and comfy look. This combination is also a good choice for plus-sized women who cannot find suitable outfits so easily.


High heels might look perfect for dresses in most cases; it’s the truth. However, wearing heels for so long can be so uncomfortable or even unhealthy for your feet. In this situation, sneakers will be the best choice, especially when you want to have a different style while wearing dresses.

In this blog, we have shown you how to wear dresses with sneakers and look stunning at the same time. With the right type of shoes, dresses, and colors, you will enjoy your look while feeling comfortable with your kicks.

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