July 25, 2024

7 Creative Ways on How to Wear High Waisted Sailor Pants

High waisted sailor pants have unique features: the belt is not at your hips, but the smallest point of your waistline.

The outseam is generously longer than regular types of trousers.

Also, the average width of the leg opening is usually more than 20 inches.

This combination creates a bell-bottom trait around the ankles.

The lengthy and inflated imagery can make you look very sloppy.

On the contrary, it will extend your legs and shrink your waist.

The Origin

Sailor pants, as its name points out, were originated from the U.S Navy and used by marine men.

Now they turn out to be requisite items in the womenswear collection. However, there’s a big difference in how to wear high waisted sailor pants.

At first glance, they may look like a slightly flare dress. Correspondingly, it makes your appearance more elegant and delicate.

1) Wear With A White Shirt Or Blouse

If you want to determine yourself as a proud businesswoman, this mix is for you!

Dark colors such as black, chocolate brown, or dark navy blue represent a rigid formality observance. The high waisted not only cover your muffin tops after a long day sitting in the office but also manifest a far-reaching position.

“But will I look masculine?”

Do not worry about that! Thanks to wide-leg features, these pants may look like a slightly flare dress. Correspondingly, it makes your appearance more elegant and delicate.

Dark pants would be so well suited to an embellished white shirt.

You can choose a white lace shirt with long sleeves. To be more creative, a stylist can match high waisted pants with a v-shaped neck blouse.

2) Wear With Crop Tops

An office lady can quickly change into a high-fashion party girl by swapping the shirt with a crop top.

Dark wide-leg pants, despite their formal look, are surprisingly a highly evaluated garment on the red carpet. Many celebrities are rocking this trend, such as Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenners, Kourtney Kardashian, etc.

With a short and cut-out design, the crop top is best accommodated to flowing sailor pants. Of course, you can feel free to try on other hot colors. I would highly recommend having a pair of red or bright yellow pants.

3) Wear With Long Coat

Many designers believe that you should not combine a long greatcoat with another verbose, oversized characteristic. I will debunk this misconception by showing you how to attire these two.

The most important thing is to choose a neutral color for both. In my observation, navy blue or pastel white attract everyone’s eyes because of its luxurious and lavish effects. The key to remember is to simplify your shirt as it is not the highlight of your outfits.

4) Wear With Short Jacket

As flexible matching apparel, high waisted sailor pants fit with short jackets as well.

The formula is the same with a long coat: Smoothly incorporating their colors. Do not overcomplicate your jackets and stick to body-fit design.

A baggy jacket with outrageous embroider details destroys the waist-minimizing advantage of high waisted pants. Let me tell you the cold hard truth: You would look like a snowman if you wear a balloon-like jacket with bell-bottoms.

5) Go Vintage Style With Clip-on Braces

You want a more adventurous path to catch social media’s attention?

Consider upgrading your wardrobe with clip-on braces! The synthesis of these pants and clip-on braces illustrates an alluring vintage beauty.

Pick out a pair of antique fabric pants to achieve the best visual. Feel free to play with their colors because they would be even more dazzling.

In my opinion, wearing this type of pants with a knitted T-shirt would make your image chick and delightful. Braces contain golden or silver details, and rough fabric laces create a striking look. Remember to choose the adjustable and elastic suspenders for your convenience.

6) Mix With Accessories

Long sailor pants always come with minimalized accessories.

Holding an envelope clutch, quilted bag, or a handy baguette bag better be your every first option. Otherwise, you would turn a fancy garment into “mom’s pants.” Please avoid any bulky bags at all costs.

Moreover, choose a simple, petite hat or hair accessories such as bows, hair bands, or even sunglasses. Some fashionistas make a mistake when adding a waist belt to the mix.

Generally speaking, it tremendously emphasizes your leg length and waist. It will look stunning if you are using a thin, single color belt.

The high waisted pants, by its function, already give prominence to your middle area. Thus, you don’t need any more focus on it.

7) Pair With High Heels

I can say high heels are long sailor pants’ best friends.

If you are afraid of long legs trousers would swallow up your humble height, think again! In contrast, their main power is to lengthen your legs more than any other outfit.

With a long outseam and wide opening ankles, yours will hide your 7 inches heels effortlessly. It lines out a visual deception to boost your height gracefully.

Nevertheless, not every type of high heels shoes can go seamlessly here. Above all, color matching is vital. Always choose a pair of heels that have the same color, because the goal is to create an illusion in the vertical line.

Say no to thick and heavy-bottom leather boots, even high heels boots. They only shorten your lower body proportion.

Learn From Celebrities

Everyone can make mistakes, including supermodels, elite actresses, and high-paid influencers. I will undoubtedly call out some familiar names.

Eva Mendes represented at the “Grindhouse” premiere with overly enlarged pants. Hers should moderately flare from the knees to the ankles only.

Another fail is that she matched them with a bulky, sloppy jacket, not to mention the ugly scarf and oversized bag. Coleen McLoughlin came out of the broadcast studio with the same inflated ones.

The leg opening was so vast and long that she almost stepped on the legs of her pants. Her unmatched violet shirt marked a fashion disaster. I feel so sorry for Kourtney that she had an almost perfect carpet look, but the big bell-bottom sailor pants ruined it.


The most important point here is you have to understand your frame’s strength and weakness.

From there, choose the accurate size, clothing material, and your defined image for most of the part. And I’m sure you too will look fabulous as well.