Sexy Work Outfits All Modern Women Should Know

Normally, when it comes to office style, the magic of sexy will fill your presence and have all heads turn simply with a blouse – the classic white one, black pencil skirt reaching your knees, and completed with black pumps and nude tights.

Elsewhere, in a more professional environment, most female officers tend to keep themselves white-collar.

However, those styles are sometimes too boring and can not allow them to work most efficiently. Therefore, in this article, we would like to provide you with some tips to wear sexy in front of your colleagues and clients. Just scroll through our article to find out some amazing sexy work outfits you should never miss.

Sexy Work Outfits

General Rules

Before coming into our post, we want to tell you that this post’s main aim is about easy outstanding outfits in the office environment. Instead of showing you outfits with high cuts, deep V-neck, skirts barely touching your calves, hot tights, sassy stockings, or super high heels that make walking seem difficult, we would like to share with you some smart-casual ideas. These outfits ensure you a stylish, serious, and super professional look. Besides, what calls for a striking impression is that these outfits add some ladylike material in their design, making you hotter than ever.

Sexy Work Outfits For Modern Women

Sexy Skirt Suit

What is a sexy skirt suit? Many of you will answer that it is a super tight one. However, it is a misconception. The sexiest skirt suit is a slim design or even a loose one as it enhances your confidence and makes you more attractive. Bear in mind that the suit must be fitted and hugs your curve well.

However, the way you mix your clothes does matter. For instance, try mixing a basic skirt suit with a matching pencil skirt, along with a classic blazer and a white top.

Following up next, we will show you several ideas about wearing a skirt suit. Keep reading, and here we go!

A tailor-made skirt suit works best with a timeless chic blazer for your appearance at work. Wearing a pencil skirt will enhance formality as well as professionalism. Finally, to look more stylish, add a slim black top, black gloves, and a black leather handbag.

If you are into your characters’ suits in your favorite series, then go for a beige skirt suit paired with a midi skirt suit and a basic slim blazer. We are sure that you will look amazing at the finished outlook.

To be more feminine, think about a micro plaid skirt suit. This slim-fit combo and that pencil skirt are our all-time favorites.

Sexy Blouse

In case you don’t have to adhere to your workplace’s dress code strictly, then a lace blouse with high-rise pants tucked inside and pointed-toed heeled pumps is sure to blow a new life to your attractive appearance.

How about a hot brick blouse tucked in a classic pencil skirt? This outfit can help you leave a striking impression on your bosses and colleagues.

Now let’s come to a floral pastel purple slim blouse teamed with a tiny above-the-knee pencil skirt. This outfit goes perfectly with a dark grey handbag and silky black slingback to ensure you an attractive look.

Besides, to look brilliant from morning to night at your workplace, why not go for a striped blue pussy-bow blouse and tuck it inside a matching color high-waisted pencil skirt.

Hot Pencil Skirt

If you have been fed up with work pants, then give the pencil skirt a try. We are sure that a tucked blouse will fit perfectly. Some elegant heeled pumps and pulled back hair will complete this ladylike look.

Have a look at this purple V-neck blouse tucked freely inside a black embellished-waisted pencil skirt with matching color heeled pumps?

Another combo is a white lace blouse teamed with an ornamental detailed high-waisted green pencil skirt and pointed shoes.

Leather skirts have been so trendy recently that you desire to own one but have no idea how to mix them well? Then look through these ideas to find out your style. First, we have a black half-buttoned blouse tucked in a basic leather pencil skirt with similar-styled heeled pumps.

Or a luxurious green leather pencil skirt goes perfectly with a simple white blouse and chic white heeled pumps.

Beautiful Wrap Dress

If you are a big fan of beautiful dresses, have you ever tried on a wrap one? Then try one as you will look outstanding and attract all men’s eyes.

A wrap belted pastel pink midi dress with a V-cut neckline looks sexy. Mix it with silver hoop earrings and a leather white wedge to become more stylish.

If black is your favorite color, then try out a total black outfit. A black wrap drop waist dress with a black leather bucket bag and black leather heeled pumps may be such a brilliant combo that you should not miss out.

A ton-sur-ton beige outfit can enable you to leave a sweet impression on your co-workers. Just go for a nude long-sleeve wrap belted dress and ankle-cuff heeled pumps.

Sexiest Colors

You have always been in the safe zone of elegant-colored outfits like black, blue, or grey. Then take a fresh new try with bright colors like red, yellow, purple, green, etc. Or at least, try on the dazzling accessory or jewelry in case you find these colorful clothes are too flashy to wear on.

A purple knee-length tunic dress with white highlights in collar and cuffs goes perfectly with a white leather handbag and nude heeled pumps.

Want to start a day full of energy? Try on a bright pink short-sleeve shirt with a denim skirt. Remember to wear matching pink heeled pumps to look more brilliant.

Do you want to make an outstanding impression? Then go for a light blue shirt and tuck it in a yellow midi skirt. Add on sunglasses, a sassy necklace, and highlight your outfits with leopard print chunky heels.

Sexy Makeup

Dress stylishly, and do remember to wear matching makeup. Show your beauty confidently with red lips, curly eyelashes, and black eyeliner.

Make full use of your hot lips by putting on bright red lipstick to look trendy and feminine.

Brick-red lips with dazzling makeup for special occasions.

Sexy Glasses

Another compliment to your striking look is glasses. Don’t defy this small item as it may decide how you look: chic or sassy, elegant or sexy.

Now scroll through some stunning ideas below and find yourselves inspiring ones.

Cat-eyes eyeglasses with a classical design for office ladies.

Oversized leopard eyeglasses look pretty sassy. Then complete this look with neutral-colored pantsuits to ensure your femininity.

A pair of oversized tortoise glasses but in a square frame may go well with sexily nude makeup.

Sexy Footwear

An unmatching pair of shoes mixing with your fashionable clothes and pretty makeup may lessen your attraction. So don’t forget to pay attention to your footwear.

If you want to make an impressive declaration with your stunning shoes, then dress neutrally. If you are not a big fan of high heels, go for low boots or flats. Sometimes, you can change your styles with mules or flats or basic shoes with highlighted details.

A mysterious, sexy leather black heeled pump with a black suit can help you attract all your colleagues’ eyes.

Basic hot red high heels.


Have you found your beloved styles after checking my post? Just dress in sexy work outfits, keep yourselves charming, and make sure you look professional and pretty like Emma Watson said: “You want what you’re wearing to say something about you, about who you are.”

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