What Color Shoes Should I Wear With Blue Dresses

Honestly, everyone loves blue.

It is a color that represents the color of the sky and peace.

It is also one of the three primary colors that can go well with any others to create a match made in heaven.

Many people say that wearing clothes in blue can make you look elegant, sophisticated, and classy.

The color blue’s different shades can also help your skin tone look much brighter.

However, do you ever have to stand in front of your closet thinking about the question of what color shoes should I wear with blue dresses?

If you do, carry on reading this post because we are about to show you the answer.

What Color Shoes For Sky Blue Dresses

Since this color is very light, it would be perfect if you match it with white, pastel shades, or neutral light hues.


White and blue is a couple that you can’t overlook when it comes to pairing your outfit with the right pair of shoes. It could be in any form or shape, depending on your favorite. The picture below is an example of mixing blue and white.

You can enhance your look with white ankle boots and big sunglasses.


Nude is a pastel shade that can go well with any color, and light blue is no exception.

You can pair a ruffled pinstripe dress having a deep V-neck with nude heeled sandals and a straw wide-brim hat. The perfect combo would go like this example to create an ideal concept for summer.

Light grey

Grey is a neutral color that will suit sky blue to make a good outfit.

A sassy off-shoulder dress in light blue with strappy heeled sandals of light grey will help you show an active and cheerful vibe.

Metallic white gold

What about metallic white gold shoes with a sky blue dress? Have you ever heard of that combination? These two colors are a perfect match that you shouldn’t miss out on.

The metallic white gold will not only bring an elegant look, but it also will bring up a highlight of the whole outfit.

What Color Shoes For Royal Blue Dresses

Royal blue is a darker color yet sophisticated color. You can wear this color on any occasion since it will help grab all the attention on you.


White is the symbol of purest and cleanest as it can help the followed pieces stand out. In our opinion, it would be best to have at least a pair of shoes in your shoe closet.

If you worry that this color will be out of trend, you don’t have to because it is flexible to match with any other ones.


Nude shoes fit every color from black to red or even neon.

Like this example beneath, you can see we combine a classic sheath dress with cream-beige heeled sandals.


No matter how many shoes you own, your shoe closet will not be complete without a pair of black shoes. The unique beauty of black shoes will allow you to make things your own. Going for black strappy heels with a short dress or demure glamour in a below-the-knee dress gives you a look of modern edgy.

Silver and gold

Silver and gold are the two edgy colored shoes that usually freaks people out since they can’t cope with anything. Yet, there is a trend now created by celebs, runaway, and Instagram to use silver and gold shoes to go with any color outfit.

Royal blue is no exception in this case. Surprisingly, they are a couple made in heaven since they blend well and tone down the rich and edgy of silver and gold.

Just like in this picture, you can mix your silver heeled sandals with an open back pencil dress to look gorgeous. You can also add in drop earrings to complete this combo.

All blue

How about creating a head to toe outfit with blue. You haven’t thought about that, have you? Well, now, you know. You can make a gorgeous look by mixing the right tone of blue.

For instance, you can match a darker tone of blue shoes to a brighter blue dress to create an all-blue outfit.

Like Meghan below, she combined navy blue heeled pointed-toe pumps with a sleeveless pencil dress to complement her look.

What Color Shoes For Navy Dresses


If you want your outfit to catch everyone’s eyes and be a spotlight when you walk into the party, pink shoes are what you need.

Similar to red, pink can create a natural contrast to the dark and deep navy blue. So, when you want to add a little femininity and whimsy to a stern color like navy, take your pink shoes and put them on.

The true, hot, and deep pink will bring out the spotlight in navy blue.


As mentioned, since this color can perfectly fit with others, a navy dress can also go with white shoes. Whatever shoes you choose: sandals, heels, or even sneakers, will work well with the navy.

Light Neutrals

Light neutral is not vivid like the others so it would be a sàe choice for you to go with a navy dress. The shades of cream, taupe, sand, ivory, and nude are also ideal color shoes for matching with navy outfits.

If you want to look for a sensual vibe in your outfit, light neutral is the one for you.


You may not believe this, but all tones of green can pair with navy dresses, from mint to the darkest of hunters.

To create a contrasting look, you can mix a navy dress with bright shades of green like chartreuse, wintergreen, kelly, and lime. If you want a more harmonious appearance, a darker shade of green in shoes or accessories is perfect. It can be forest, hunter, and emerald.

Summing up the colors of the shoes you should go for







Final words

Hopefully, this article has provided you with helpful information for you to figure out the answer to the question of what color shoes should I wear with blue dresses.

Yet, you can view this as a reference since it is only based on our experience. Therefore, it would be best if you can try out each option and create a combo of your own.

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