April 23, 2024

What Does Knot Ring Mean? The Hidden Truth You May Not Know

Knot rings are undoubtedly a beautiful and fashionable style of jewelry.

They help show your personal style and are a powerful means for you to express love to your beloved ones.

But, do all of them have similar meanings?

The truth is that each of them has a hidden story behind, and thereby, has a different purpose.

Understanding their implications can help you quickly pick up the perfect ring that captures the message you would like to convey.

What Does Knot Ring Mean?

Today, we have not discovered the precise origins of knot rings, yet we know that they have existed since the ancient world.

They have been found in diverse cultures, including Celtic, Greek, and Egyptian, and held different meanings throughout history.

For instance, in the past, sailors made these rings for their loved ones as a means to remind their loved ones while they were away for months. Because of these beautiful love stories, these sailor rings become the symbol of loyal and eternal love in the modern world.

The ring’s meaning depends not only on their cultures but also on their designs, such as the infinity knot rings have been used to symbolize love and eternity.

Each of these types has its special meaning, yet the most general purpose is to honor eternal romantic love or true everlasting friendship.

And below are the standard designs of Celtic knot rings and their special meanings.


This ring features a triskelion (or triskeles) that presents three natural elements: earth, fire, and water. This knot ring features a single continuous line that represents the openness of nature and its eternity.

Besides, it also represents the journey from physical life to spiritual life. It means that our soul is on the way to growing and expanding.


According to the Celtic belief, everything necessary comes in threes.

Because of this, the triangular ring symbolizes the essential things in the world that came in threes, such as three stages of life (birth, adulthood, and old age), three domains (earth, sea, and sky), and three natural elements (fire, earth, and water).

Does it have a different meaning in other cultures?

Yup, in the Christian faith, it has been used to symbolize the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Sometimes, you might see this trinity enclosed with a cycle emphasizing eternal life.


If you are looking for a meaningful and beautiful present for your big day, then the love knot ring would be the best option for you.

A love knot ring with the design of two hearts bounding together symbolizes romantic love. And if you notice carefully, you will discover that two hearts interlink with no beginning or end, which signifies an everlasting relationship.

That’s why it has been known as a part of wedding ceremonies worldwide for centuries.


This ring features two intertwined ropes and is inspired by sailors’ knot rings for their beloved ones.

And you know that sailors would stay away from their loved ones for months during their long and challenging voyages. So, the man gave the sailor ring to his partner to encourage her to stay strong, have faith in their love, and they would come back in no time.

These love stories have been symbolic of an ardent and staunch love that can sustain all the challenges.


Many research types have shown that the double ring first appeared in the ancient Celtic civilization; however, they also seem to have been used in Scandinavia and Britain.

Its classic design represents the idea of two becoming one by featuring two strands of metal forming a knot. It also comes with the continuous shape of the ring to symbolize eternity.

With the two images combined, double rings are a powerful symbol of harmony and lifelong attachment in love. This is why they have been used as the promise ring or engagement ring when you are ready to tie the knot with your partner.


You might have been familiar with the infinity knot as this style has been found in diverse cultures and depicted differently.

For instance, in the ancient Greek beliefs, Ouroboros – an ancient symbol depicting a snake biting its tail represents immortality, eternity, infinity, and fertility.

In modern times, the infinity ring usually looks like the infinity symbol used in mathematics or a sideways number ‘8’. And it signifies eternal love and the everlasting friendship or the eternal nature of the cosmos.

And if you take a closer look, you would notice that the bond is so tight, signifying that two of you have been tied to each other and wouldn’t be able to separate.

The double ring will be the ideal choice for these meanings if you are looking for rings that show your affection and intense love to your partner on the wedding day.


This style has been popular for a long time to represent true friendship.

It looks like a single strand of metal with an open knot in the middle, symbolizing an eternal bond between individuals rather than the romantic relationship between the couple who have bound together.

Another different meaning is the promise of love implying that the couple will become husband and wife in no time.


They are so beautiful and meaningful, right?

Their meanings have been spreading across various countries and cultures for such a long time. At present, they are still known as powerful means to deliver different messages.

It could be presented to your friend to signify your promise to be best friends forever. Or it can be a way to show your passionate and loyal love for your lover.

Whatever you choose, I hope that the knot ring will help to grow your relationship sustainably. Goodbye! I wish you all the best things in life. Get Two Son‘s latest fashion information by joining our newsletter.