What Is A Bodycon Dress: Interesting Things To Know

The fashion trend changes day by day.

Some styles are outdated after a while, but some designs last for a long.

Surely most women have at least one bodycon dress in their wardrobes.

This dress is a design that has been well-known in the 1990s and has become stylish until now.

Now we will show you some interesting points about this design.

First, what is a bodycon dress?

How to Look Skinny in a Bodycon Dress?

What Is A Bodycon Dress?

The phrase “body” can help us imagine what this type of dress is all about.

Actually, this is a tight-fitting design of the dress that hugs and shows your body.

You can show your curved line attractively. How about the material? Do we feel uncomfortable when wearing this style?

Don’t worry! These dresses are made from stretchy materials to do activities easily.

The History

Do you wonder who the founder is? How did consumers welcome this design?

In the early 1990s, Hérve Peugnet introduced bodycon dresses into the fashion world. He founded the fashion label named Hervé Léger, in which the garments of this label are knitted, not woven.

Do you query the word phrase “bodycon” in “bodycon dress”?

It refers to “body-conscious” or “body confidence,” and this design can show off their figures of the body.

How Do You Choose One?

To be confident in communication, we should pay attention to wear. Everybody will have a friendly look with you.

Every woman has different body shapes.

Generally, descriptions about the body include apple, pear, straight, or hourglass.


In general, a woman having an apple shape has got a bigger upper body. They have broad shoulders, and the waist is not so slim.

From the waist down, the body tends to be narrow. If you have an apple shape, choose a bodycon that shows off your legs. A short dress or a dress with a slit along your leg is ideal.


This shape is the opposite of the “apple” body. Women with a pear-shaped body usually have a wider hip. How can we balance the look?

Choose a dress that has a pattern at the top, or wear a jacket.


You are straight-shaped, so your dress should focus on the shoulders and hips because they have the same width. What should we wear?

Finding a ruffle dress, large patterns, or side ruching is helpful.


This shape is an ideal standard for most women, and the design can show off the perfect figures of the body. Do you think that the bodycon is for hourglass women?

Dresses that have belts or a model with a V neck are ideal for this body type.

What Should We Put On Under It?

The dress’s form hugs the body’s figure, so if you decide to wear it and join a party, you should consider what undergarments are suitable. They should be fit, comfortable, and hide the body lines. It is not easy to have a good selection.


Finding panties is not difficult, but it should be suitable.

By choosing panties smartly, you will avoid the problem of exposing the underwear by inadvertence. There are many kinds of choices for you to choose styles; you can consider a few styles below:

  • Seamless panties: These panties have a simple and similar design, and they will not show the seams. Many people like this kind because seamless panties are hardly different from your daily pantries. Therefore, they might be a great option.
  • Boyshorts: This kind of underwear with a rectangle form is the same as shorts. Of course, the lines will not become visible.
  • Thong or G-string underwear: This type is quite strange but charming. We can say that this kind of cloth saves Thong or G-string panties because they don’t cover your hip a lot. They hardly appear in the sewing, either.


  • Flexible straps: You can change the position of the bra’s straps to fit your dress style.
  • Clear straps: This kind is proper. Although the design is like the normal bras, it is clear to limit the attention on your bare shoulders. No matter what you wear, it still looks polite and smart.
  • Adhesives: It is an excellent idea to have one in our dress. Let’s consider that this is a simple type in the underwear collection. They are like glue and stick to your skin, with no straps. With the special design, these bras can match with many body dresses. They are ideal items because it seems impossible to see bras under your dress. They can hide under the bodycon quite perfectly.
  • Shapewear: Generally, you will have three more standard rounds of the body. You can choose brands like SPANX and Body Wrap. This shapewear will make your body’s figure more charming.

What About Accessories?

Mixing accessory in is a good idea here. Besides, if you know how to conform accessories to a bodycon, this enhances your fashionable style. Now, let’s see what we prepare:

  • Coats or jackets: Wearing a coat or a jacket over a dress is a popular style. If you wear a bodycon, they won’t keep you warm enough when it gets windy or cold. You can choose a trench coat, a shrug sweater, or sometimes a fitted blazer. These items help you stay stylish and warm at the same time.
  • Shawls or wraps: A sparkly or colorful shawl or wrap will beautify you and your dress. Not only shawls or wraps is a fun way to add a layer, but they also make you more fashionable. A shawl will not be as warm as a coat or a jacket.
  • Belts: It enhances your smart combination in fashion. A belt is an accessory that accentuates your waist and makes an excellent point in your body.

The Bottom Line

Bodycon dresses are tight-fitting and you can show off the figure of your body, you need to choose the dress matching your body shape.

And with our writing, you learn how to combine some accessories with this design.

Don’t forget to choose accessories conforming to a bodycon dress. Wearing a suitable dress will make you more confident, and you are always attractive in the public’s eyes.

Do you have a plan to go shopping after reading our post?

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