What Shoes To Wear With Pink Dresses – 32 Inspiring Ideas

Pink is absolutely a must-have tone in every stunning woman closet.

BUT, what shoes to wear with pink dresses for perfect outlooks?

The color itself is picky to the wearers if the owners don’t know how to mix and match.

Honestly, it’s a hard question.

However, you are in the right place to get the best answers.

Stay tuned and scroll down now for 32 awesome ideas of shoes to fit different types of pinky dresses.

Red Shoes

Let’s picture your look in a coral pink long dress with the same hue bag. It sounds boring. Additionally, it’s for soft girls with sweet smiles only. It’s not for a woman at all!

Mid-calf Coral

How to change your appearance with your favorite outfit into a mature image?

Flame red high heels are the chosen ones. The big contrast between a pale tone and a fire one gives a big impression to other people. Moreover, red is represented as a powerful, ambitious, and successful woman.

What are you waiting for? Buy the shoes and turn it up!


If the flame red is too fierce for you, cherry-red is not a bad idea. Girls, you may think this hue turns you into an old folk. If so, you are wrong! Combining it with this two-color dress, you stand out with charming beauty.

Beige Shoes

Needless to say, beige is the easiest color to fit in any other tints, and pink is not an exception. You are free to choose many types of shoes with such a simple and classic color.

Salmon-pink Sheath

A pair of high heels look pretty sweet with a salmon-pink dress. The shoes level up your appearance amazingly.

V-neck Maxi

On the contrary, a light pink maxi should accompany beige sandals. I know you love stilettos to tone your fantastic body and your dreamy dress. BUT, a pair of sandals designed with cushioned low heels gives you convenience and confidence when walking with such a long dress.

For shorter dresses such as this above knee dress, 5-inch-sandals work well in enhancing your look. You seem to be taller (obviously) and slimmer for sure! You can also complete your youthful appearance with a printed headband and fashionable sunglasses.


Are you expecting? Are you afraid that pink maternity dresses are childish to your mother’s role? In fact, they are popular items in modern days. Instead of youthful vibes, you should choose light pink tones with beige sandals for a mature look.

Black Shoes

Luxurious and elegant. That’s are two words to describe black shoes. No matter what you wear, black color always expresses the world of luxury. Let’s take a look at some amazing mix-and-match outfits below.

Hot Pink And Black High Heels

JLo – a famous American singer and a true trendsetter, made a bomb image in a night out with friends. She teamed a fuchsia pink dress hugging her goddess body and black heeled pumps. These items showed off her slender figure perfectly. Now you know what shoes to wear with pink dresses in Jenifer Lopez style?

A tent dress is opposite with a pencil dress in the design. But, a classic color as black still works well on it. Tractor platform shoes matching with the Pleiades are “to dress to kill”.

Plus-size With Flared Sleeves


A Bohemian-inspired blush dress is fit surprisingly with black heeled sandals. While the top is so sophisticating and flowing, the shoes are classic and minimal.

Nude Tone

If you are doing a 9-to-5 job that requires a formal outfit, a light pink shirt-dress and nude flat ballet pumps are of fancy choice. This combination will make your day thanks to the vivid and bright colors.

What about a pink sheath with fin-shaped patterns? Nude high heels, please!!!

White Shoes

As black, white is a basic color that can mix and match different clothes, including the pickiest pink dresses. Here are some examples to stay on trend with these colors.

Knife-pleated Design Maxi

Right from the start, it’s easy to say this purple-pink dress is for tall girls only. Hence, there’s no need to wear high heels. A simple pair of white sandals accompanying some unique necklaces and bracelets attracts people’s eyes.

Another casual style for shopping days is a fit-and-flare pink dress fitting with white heeled sandals.

Pink Shirt-dress With Peter Pan

What a lovely dress! Instead of being a mature silhouette, let’s bring your cute and peaceful vibes back with white keds and a straw tote bag. You look like a vintage girl going on a family picnic in this outfit.

Metallic Heeled Shoes

The metallic tones themselves are attractive thanks to its luxury image. As a result, they make you look like a fashionista. Check out 4 ways to impress people with pink dresses and metallic shoes now.

Polka Dot Drop Waist

Polka Dot is everywhere! From the soft pink dress to a headband, to the metallic high heels. It seems to be overused; in fact, they make a unified outfit that makes you outstanding.


The dress is awesome with bouffant sleeves and a flowing skirt. Plain metallic heeled sandals are the chosen ones to complete your dreamy look.


Going to a party? Or a wedding day? This I-shoulder dress with tulle details is the most suitable option. It gives you a fabulous and elegant appearance. In addition to your outfit, don’t forget to wear silver metallic high heel sandals.

Plus-size In Sequin Dolman Design

Wow! She is shining thanks to the hot pink dress and metallic shoes. Although the dress is of standard, the sandals create less seriousness in her appearance.

Ton-sur-ton Style

Don’t wanna make it complicated, just wanna simplify everything with pink shoes? But there are a lot of pink hues, including pastel, pale, blush, and so on. How to choose?

You can complete your “Queen look” in classic pale pink and the same color high heels. You will become the spotlight on the red carpet.

What about Wedding Day? This fuchsia one-shoulder maxi dress is chic and fabulous enough for such a Big Day. Styling it with blush sandals and a low ponytail, and you show off all your charm.

After hard-working days, it’s time to walk downtown and enjoy your weekends with friends! A light-pink feathered mini dress with ton-sur-ton accessories such as strappy sandals and a bag is a great choice.

Another option for off days is a ruffle dress with the same tone shoes. Such a soft look!

Back-to-work style with a printed slim dress in classic pink and a pair of blush heeled sandals, why not?

Other Colors

The golden scarp in heels is so high-classed and eye-catchy when styled with a well-designed pink dress. Let’s level up your beauty with these charming outfits.

Besides soft pink, you can also combine golden heeled sandals with a fuchsia long skirt like Emma Stone. She is totally gorgeous and attractive with that look, and so do you.

Silver is a great tone to brighten your tanned skin and a fuchsia shift dress. If you find it too modest, add a white clutch with floral patterns as below.

Yellow, and pink. It sounds weird, isn’t it? But you should try it! The total contrast tones make you remarkable and fashionable somehow.

Neon cone heels with the same color clutch will boost your lace motifs dress up. It’s risky, but it’s also worth a try.

One simple way to stay unique is to wear 2-color shoes.

Look at these ballet flats; they are so different and joyful that soften the classic pink shift.

If you want something plain and neat for a summer look, a soft flared dress with khaki-brown sandals is what you are looking for.

Beach and wedges, that’s all about summer. You can mix a short pink dress with brown wedges to rock the hot weather up.

Beach and wedges, that’s all about summer. You can mix a short pink dress with brown wedges to rock the hot weather up.


That’s not all about it, but you know many ways to pop your look, right?

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