May 24, 2024
Casino Dress Code

What to Wear to a Casino?

While the image of a casino often conjures up the vision of elegantly attired patrons, this is not always the reality. Over the years, casino dress codes have evolved to be more relaxed and comfortable. Designed with the intention of maintaining a sophisticated and upscale ambiance, casino dress codes incorporate an element of casualness. However, it’s crucial to note that there are limits to the casualness of your attire when stepping into a casino.

Not all areas within a casino strictly enforce the dress code. Private poker rooms, typically separated from the main gaming area, are known to permit more casual attire. Similarly, patrons lingering around the slot machines may find the rules regarding dress more lenient. On the other hand, the main casino floor, home to a host of major games and bustling with crowds, demands a more formal level of dress.

Dress Code Missteps: What Not to Wear at the Casino

Before visiting a casino, it’s advisable to check the casino’s website to gain insights about their specific dress code. Your chosen activities within the casino could also dictate the appropriateness of your attire. Nevertheless, there are some universal guidelines that can help you avoid any fashion missteps:

  1. Steer clear of sneakers or athletic shoes.
  2. Refrain from wearing open-toed footwear such as slippers or flip-flops.
  3. Shun attire that is worn out, soiled, or damaged.
  4. While daytime casinos may accept more casual attire, avoid wearing shorts or t-shirts after sundown. For women, consider formal tops or dresses for evening casino visits.
  5. High-stakes casinos typically uphold a higher standard of dress, so plan to dress more formally when visiting these establishments.

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Understanding What Different Casino Dress Codes Really Mean

Casino dress codes often correspond to specific activities or events, like exclusive tables, tournaments, and lounges. The team at BestCasinos, who specializes in analyzing standalone casinos, have broken down the most common dress codes into several levels, including “black tie optional” and “business casual.” The choice of attire varies depending on the punter’s planned activities and the specific dress code level at the casino. Here’s a brief guide:

White Tie: This is the pinnacle of formal attire, though rarely seen in modern casinos unless they’re hosting special events like high-stakes fundraisers. Men are expected to wear a white tux shirt with a bib front, shirt studs with cufflinks, a tailored black coat with tails and satin stripes, wing collars, black oxford shoes, a white vest and a white bow tie. Women typically don floor-length gowns, white gloves, delicate jewelry, and carry petite handbags.

Black Tie: One step down in formality from White Tie, Black Tie is typically required for evening events post 6 pm, VIP lounges, and other special occasions. Men should don dinner jackets without tails, matching trousers, a button-down white collared shirt, black oxford shoes, black socks, and tie or bow tie. Women are expected to wear floor-length gowns or cocktail dresses, paired with heels or evening shoes.

Semi-Formals: This category provides a wider array of choices. Semi-formal attire is usually suitable for casinos with less formal ambiances, especially those that operate during the day. However, it might not adhere to the standard dress code policy of every casino. Men can forgo tuxedos for more casual suits and may even skip ties. Trousers are acceptable, but denim and khakis are considered too casual. Light-colored collared shirts are acceptable. Women typically opt for shorter dresses or long skirts paired with blouses, sandals, or heels.

Business Formal: This is a dependable option for casino-goers unsure about a particular casino’s dress code. Men usually opt for suits in darker shades, paired with light-colored, button-down shirts and leather footwear. The inclusion of a tie is not mandatory. Women can choose to wear elegant skirts with stockings or trousers, complemented by blazers, jackets or blouses minimalistic jewelry, and shoes or formal heels.

Business Casual: A commonly worn attire type, Business Casual is an easy and acceptable option for regular casino visits. Men can opt for khakis, a blazer or coat, polo shirts, and loafers. Women might wear skirts, pants, or khakis, paired with blouses or shirts, and flats or sandals.

Casual Wear: This attire is the most informal, consisting of everyday clothing. That said, items such as ripped denim or sweatpants should be avoided. Casual wear should be comfortable yet presentable.

In conclusion, what you wear to a casino largely depends on the purpose and timing of your visit. Casinos are designed to be enjoyable, lively spaces that cater to diverse crowds on a daily basis. The aim is to maintain an atmosphere that is both dignified and relaxed. Generally, casinos allow patrons to wear anything that isn’t overly casual or revealing, except for certain events where specific dress codes help ensure a consistent level of decorum.

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