What To Wear When You Are 35: Things To Keep In Mind

Middle age is no longer the golden time for women to express their fashion style due to the visible aging body.

However, you have the right to create your styles for this golden age.

As long as you understand the rules for choosing your outfit, it is no longer complicated or confusing when you know what to wear when you are 35.

Beautiful Dresses For Older Women

Middle-aged ladies’ dresses do not have too many youthful colors but still retain the middle age’s elegant and delicate beauty. These are also factors that decide perfect beauty for middle-aged women.

You should limit body-hugging styles. Instead, choose moderately wide dresses with suitable sleeves to conceal aging body defects.

What To Wear When You Are 35

Office Style Inspired Outfits

White Blouse And Black Pants

Elegant, easy to match, diverse designs, and never out of style are the reason you should own at least one white blouse and black pants in your wardrobe.

The puffy sleeve shirt with fabric buttons is both classic and comfortable, making you look more classy than ever.

Meanwhile, black pants are always considered a fashion model that helps beautify and create a sexy and seductive look for ladies.

Neutral Color Silk Blouse

Neutral colors are still the top priority for middle-aged ladies. To turn yourself into a fashionista, choose trendy items, such as silk blouses in this color gamut.

Silhouette-Flattering Black Blazer

Trendy, classic, and suitable for many fashion styles, blazers are always on the list of must-have designs every fashion believer should own. If you are a loyal fan of blazers, you should layer your black blazer creatively.

Classic Trench Coat

The trench coat appeared more than a century ago as the British aristocracy’s distinctive clothing before World War I became a military outfit. Today, a Trench coat is an extremely convenient item that goes with all clothes while creating an attractive look for its owner.

Beautiful Camisole

Silk camisole is an excellent choice for all ladies. It brings glamour, sexiness, and elegance when combined with the right jacket and accessories. You will feel your skin pampered by silk because the fabric surface is relaxed and comfortable.

With the advantages of lightness, durability, good moisture absorption, and natural shiny colors, silk costumes can be suitable for all seasons of the year.

Ankle Length Pants For The Office

When height limits are a concern, the high-rise leggings, and a shirt are the perfect choice for you as they will help you look slim and much taller. Office pants with a slightly small tube and short at ankle length will help your legs look long and slim.

Monochrome Trend Is Still Popular

Comfortable to wear and time-saving but still ensure the fashion factor is the plus point of choosing monochrome.

Middle-age ladies favor suit designs not only because of their sex appeal but also for their diverse variations. This will be the best choice every morning for busy women.

Mix Casual With Dressy

Cardigan Will Be Your Friend

Not stopping at a simple jacket, a cardigan can also transform many versatile ways when matching with many different outfits. Long-form cardigan shirts are must-have items for ladies over the age of 35 because they can create a courtesy, feminine look and present a dynamic and youthful vibe.

You can apply the formula of wearing a long cardigan with a T-shirt and high heels to complete the perfect outfit for everyday work or even a weekend walk.

Dark-Wash Jeans

Jeans are one of the most common materials used in fashion to make you look youthful and energetic. To feel comfortable, choose clothes that are denim soft and not too tight. Keep in mind to say no to jeans with torn pillows as they will be more suitable for younger people.

A blazer jacket combined with dark-washed jeans brings you elegant, professional beauty.

High Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are a trendy style of pants in the 90ssuitable for ladies who love retro beauty. Thanks to the high back, high waist jeans will be a great help to hide body defects.

Pairing a monochrome shirt with high-waisted jeans is a smart choice for middle-aged ladies.

Cashmere Crew-Neck Sweaters

Being a very ordinary shirt with the primary function of keeping warm but with premium cashmere material, crew-neck sweaters are now taken to a new level.

Indispensable in the fashionista’s winter wardrobe, cashmere sweaters bring along warmth and lightness as if you are wearing a shirt.

Once you have chosen a suitable sweater as the main highlight, you can combine it with the maxi skirt to complete the outfit.

Combine Classics With Modern


Eyeglasses are an essential accessory for women. Besides being fashionable, it also protects your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The glasses with high-end design with meticulous details help elevate your outfit a lot.

Polished Classic Bag

Beautiful handbags are accessories associated with women. Depending on the taste of each person, bags come in different designs and sizes. Polished Classic Bag with a practical, comfortable, and refined design is suitable for most women.

Middle age women should choose these classic bags for daily use.

Simple White Sneakers

As sporty inspiration entered a boom, sneakers are becoming more popular than ever. From classic shoes to slightly futuristic shoes, sneakers, especially white sneakers, they always bring the ladies a modern flair.

Wearing sneakers can make you look more energetic.

Classic Belt

Like other accessories such as shoes or bags, belts are always indispensable items for the trendy ladies. You can instantly transform yourself into an impressive version by dotting the waistline on the skirt’s body with the waist.

Whichever mix you apply, you should keep in mind the similarities in the colors of the designs.

Tucking a beige sweater with a simple leather jacket can create a casual yet elegant look for middle-aged women.

In Conclusion

Regardless of age, women can still wear trendy outfits.

With a little ingenuity in combination, your middle-aged fashion style will become more stylish and youthful. We hope you now know what to wear when you are 35 for your daily elegant and classy outfits.

Thank you for reading.

Emily "Emmy" Watson

Emily "Emmy" Watson is a fashion enthusiast and blogger who loves to write about the latest fashion trends and collections. She has been working as a fashion stylist for almost 7 years now.

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