When to Wear a Kimono Robe: 9 Stylish Ways to Wear Kimono Robes

You know what?

The kimono robe is a favorite item in most Japanophilia closets.

Known as an epitome of elegance and luxury, a kimono robe is a clever way to add a little drama to your everyday look.

But, when to wear a kimono robe?

Yes, the answer is below.

Let us learn about this.

What is a kimono robe?

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment known for its elaborate details. Traditionally, Japanese people always wear it during important ceremonies, holidays, or even in their daily life.

In Japanese culture, the kimono, a dressy garment, the traditional version comes with complex details,  high-priced (a few thousand dollars for one), and is extremely challenging to wear it properly.

Fortunately, people invented the robe – inspiration from the traditional garment. They come in different fabrics such as satin, cotton, silk, or lace.

Here are some recommendations for you to know when to wear and what to wear with this elegant garment.

When to wear it?

Complete your summer look

Pairing it with your summer bikini is also a great idea! A long robe can be a mysterious curtain for any curious eyes trying to look through what’s under it.

People tend to be curious about what you are hiding, lady! So there are many reasons to bring it on your trip, to not only prevent sunburn but also become a stunning item for your look under the heat of the beach.

Boho and Femininity For The Perfect Mix

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For a cozy day

Love to wear your summer dresses but it’s already Fall?

Don’t worry, grab your kimono robe and put it on to complete your October look!

A simply casual robe will level-up your unappealing slip dress into an elegant, fancy, and stunning outfit, perfect for any dinner night or just for your daily morning coffee.

Layer with style

Walking on the street is a stimulating thing to do, but it is easy to catch a cold during the shifting-season. Don’t you think this is a perfect chance to mix-and-match the kimono that has been hanging in your closet for months?

It might not be an easy item to put on, but if you know how to pair it with your style, I’m confident to say it will be an alluring way to enhance your look.

Kim Kardashian walking on the street

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With sleepwear

In the evening, the robe can be a casual and transitional garment, which is ideal for wearing after bathing and before dressing. These beautiful and elegant pieces are often made of either satin or silk. These materials are often smooth, soft, and relaxing feel for your skin on pampering night with a glass of wine and a soothing massage afterward.

In this busy life, all we need is a pampering night. Try to put on your robe, turn on your favorite song, and just lay there to enjoy the moment!

For a lady dinner night

Adding a little spice to your night with an eye-catching kimono!

Do I ever say that slip dresses and kimono robes are a match made in heaven? The light and breezy coat outside that silky pretty slip dress can make any woman feel so powerful and charming when she puts them on.

For a lady dinner night, you can try this match made in heaven (how does it feel in heaven lady?). I’m confident to say you will fall in love with the feeling on your skin. Your skin will be so grateful to be pampered by you, by these smooth and light, well-touched fabrics.

A high-quality silk robe will gently pamper your skin

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Or just simply use it as a house robe

Wearing it around the house might be an elegant idea to enjoy your self-love day. A satin robe is perfect for chilling and getting a feel of relaxation on your Sunday morning.

Why don’t you give it a try? Eat a nourishing meal, light on your candle, wear this elegant robe, and turn on your favorite song. Selflove is a form of recharging your energy. Give yourself more love and appreciation, lady!

Pair with a tight dress

Kimono robes are usually flowy and light. There is a reason why they go well with tight or form-fitting dresses such as midi or slip dresses. Unfortunately, you can’t deny their seduction when they are pairing with each other. They go great when you mix-and-match with a silk slip dress, like the cherry on top of a killer outfit.

For a perfect summer look

Summer has just arrived and there’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of shorts in the heat. If you are not comfortable with shorts because of a little too laid-back, you can add a kimono robe to your outfit.

Linen or silky robes are great items for your summer look because the fabric is light and breezy. This as-light-as-a-feather fabric also instantly turns your low-maintenance summer look into a stylish street-worthy OOTD.

Pair it with tees or tanks in summer

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Add on your favorite accessories

Here are a few accessories you could mix-and-match to your outfit:

  • Earrings: A nice pair of earrings can be so eye-catching on the street. Wear it wisely with your kimono robe, and style up your hair so anyone can see how stunning it is.
  • Bracelets: The sleeves are usually a few inches below the elbow, so your arms and wrists are likely to be shown.
  • Necklace: Layering accessories can make the look harder to pull off. A simple, long, and charming necklace can be a great match.

Last words

When talking about a kimono robe, this is a must-have for any wardrobe, contributing to adding elegance and style to any outfit. It has a variety of shapes and sizes and is perfect not only for relaxation but even working as the cherry on top of a killer look.

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