Which Ankle Should I Wear An Anklet On? The Definite Guide

For any dress, accessories are a must, and anklets are one of them.

The preference of many girls is always a few beautiful, dangling, and delicate anklets.
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But many individuals are uncertain about where to start. They wonder whether they should wear an anklet or not and whether wearing anklets hints at some meanings they are unaware of. And which ankle should I wear an anklet on?

Simple answer, it does not matter – you do you!

Nevertheless, some cultures claim that there are several meanings behind your anklet’s location and material.

Hence, if you are interested in knowing the hidden ankle language, read on.

Which ankle should I wear an anklet on?

Are you curious about the origin of the ring? They are so popular, and what is the difference between wearing the left leg and the right leg?

In fact, ankle bracelets have a long history. It entered the golden age of the 90s, even older than a decade of Friends and flannel.

Legs attract more and more people from boho-style beachgoers, beautiful brides, students, office workers, models, and men.

This type of jewelry is for everyone of any culture, country, or gender. As long as you like, you can wear one on your leg. Nevertheless, it is worth learning a little bit about the meaning of its wearing position. It will be very rewarding!

Ankle bracelets were once a token of marriage, much like modern women wearing wedding and engagement rings on their right or left ring fingers.

Historically, the anklet was a gift from the groom to the bride to make their wedding official and known to the world.

The fact is, there is a rich and colorful background to almost all jewelry accessories, and the ankle bracelet is similar. So, where are those anklets coming from?

Women wore anklets from 6000 BC to 3100 BC, the mysterious time before history was even documented, going back to the Pre-dynasty period. The earliest bracelets were made of natural gemstones and metals and worn to signify status and social rank.

Meaning of wearing an anklet on the right ankle

Many people believe that wearing an ankle bracelet on the right side must signal that you are in a romantic relationship. The other person who looks at you will know you are “no longer available – already in love” and very happy with your partner.

How about wearing an anklet on the left ankle?

Contrary to wearing a right ankle bracelet – when you are in love, wearing one on your left ankle is a subtle way to announce to the world that you are single and want to mingle with others.

There are many types of bracelets, and each has its own meaning. When worn, you should also be aware of these meanings to give hints to others cleverly.

For instance, heart-shaped anklets convey that you are trying to date someone and may not prefer intimacy too quickly. However, some might assume that you are married but welcoming the idea of an open relationship. So, take note!

What side of the leg you wear does not matter, at least not by today’s standards. There are myths, however, that wearing a bracelet on your left ankle means that a female is in an open relationship.

With millions of people wearing ankle bracelets on both left and right ankles, this idea does not have a lot of weight and is mostly considered a rumor.

Wearing anklets on both ankles

For many people, less is more, so they wear as many jewelry and accessories as possible. You love a variety of bracelets on both arms and legs, and even want to wear them on both ankles! Here are a few things to consider:

First and foremost, no one wants accessories to hinder their movements and make it difficult to put on and take off clothes.

The anklet can be an excellent addition to your outfit. Sometimes, two or three bracelets work together and make your look more attractive.

Hence, it is necessary to choose delicate, appropriate charms. Depending on what your outfit will be, consider what accessories should be on display.

Meaning of metal anklets

The anklet has a long history that exists through many time periods and civilizations. People in old society also considered them indispensable jewelry to show their social status.

In fact, up to now, the use of bracelets to show power still exists, just not as much.

In the past, rich and elite women used to wear anklets made of precious materials to reflect her husband’s wealth.

What’s more, the wealthy generation in the past also took great care of their bodies, especially their legs—the more beautiful the legs, the higher the social status.

Today, there are countless types of bracelet materials on the market. It is also difficult to distinguish quality materials as before.

Gold anklets

It can be confirmed that the golden anklet represents one of the highest social statuses. Although gold is not the most expensive metal, it is one of the most sought after precious materials today.

Gold is valuable partly due to the difficulty of mining and the many historical periods of mechanical and tooling.

Other metals and materials

In addition to gold, some valuable metals are often used to make jewelry such as silver, platinum, copper, etc. which have values that honor different statuses in ancient society.

However, nowadays, metal is not the only material to make anklets. For example, there are fabric, rubber, plastic, etc. in all shapes, sizes, and colors to meet buyers’ needs.


In ancient Egypt, only the poor and slaves wore leather bracelets. The stark contrast to the wealthy – always wearing gold.

Nowadays, this definition has changed; leather is undoubtedly a great addition to an elegant outfit. The charm of the bracelet is more important than the material.

Also, the bracelet can be used to indicate the wearer’s sexual orientation. It even shows your willingness to be in a polyamorous relationship or suggests that you are currently single or in a romantic relationship – lots of different meanings!

Therefore, you should pay attention to the bracelet’s meanings when wearing one to avoid causing any unnecessary misunderstanding!

To show off all the charm, you will need to take care of your feet and toes while wearing a bracelet. Groom and take care as best you can of your feet.

Also, to establish an overall equilibrium, attracting the opposite, it is important to consider outfits appropriate for the legs. Your aesthetic taste is also increasingly valued thanks to that.

The bottom line

Wearing a great outfit will impact not only your appearance but also your mood on that day. Wearing bracelets is the same, as long as it keeps you excited, happy, and confident and does not put you in an awkward situation.

Be bold, be you, wear an anklet, and have fun!

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